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Hirz-Krämer customers are more relaxed.

We don't just satisfy. We excite.

Our customers are set apart by their relaxed nature. They know that they can rely on us. Hirz-Krämer can look to expertise and experience that has been garnered over decades; in repairs, modernization, the provision of replacement parts, and in the complete on-site servicing for centerless external cylindrical grinding machines from a number of different manufacturers.

These days, Hirz-Krämer stands as an authorised, strategic centerless grinders supplier for national and international companies from the automotive industry and their suppliers; from general mechanical engineering, the roller bearing industry, compressor technology, hydraulic components, aerospace engineering, and the tool (and mould)-making industries.

Whether it be the sourcing of replacement parts, the repairing of components, standard reconditioning or a complete modernization – the passion for absolute precision stands out immediately.

Our particular strengths become clear through our extensive experience and expertise, which we have developed over many years, and our so-called "machine creativity" – we know what is wrong with your old machines and what needs to be done.

We look after your machines.
You save time and money.

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