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We recondition your used centerless grinding machine and
modify your processes.

Modifications and modernizations guarantee faster process times.

We recondition your used machinery in our workshops and equip it with the latest technology where required. The focus is on making your processes run more smoothly:
The aim is to achieve faster, more efficient production with fewer errors.

It doesn't matter whether the modification or modernization of your processes is taking place in control technology or drive technology. Hirz-Krämer will increase the life span of your machinery


  • modernization of infeed and compensation units as NC-axis with new mechanical drive components
  • New guideway systems to achieve a higher infeed accuracy
  • modernization of grinding wheel and regulating wheel dressers to CNC dressers
  • Automatic dresser program with spindle compensation
  • Constant cutting speed of the grinding wheel across the entire wheel diameter, with integrated functional safety in the software/mechanics and electronics
  • Integrate new loading and infeed devices (from a partner company) for infeed and thruhfeed grindingn
  • Infeed and thruhfeed grinding possible with one machine
  • Construction of electrical cabinets with new components: New control panel design, new machine wiring
  • Use of various Siemens controls (up to 10 axis)
  • Automatic balancing of grinding wheel spindle
  • Freely adjustable regulating wheel speed
  • Machine guarding, safety devices

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